Disguise and Impersonation are also handled using Opposed Tests. When the makeup and costuming are first applied, the character creating the disguise performs a Disguise + Intuition [Mental] Test. The number of hits rolled is the threshold for anyone trying to see through the disguise later on.Impersonation can be used to improve a disguise, or it can stand alone. A character in disguise can roll their Impersonation + Charisma [Social] and add the number of hits to the threshold for breaking the disguise. If Impersonation is being used without the benefit of a disguise (such as when vocally imitating someone), treat it as standard Opposed Test.A Disguise Kit (see Tools, p. 443) can be used to build a Disguise, using the Building & Repairing rules (p. 146). Add half the threshold of the Extended Test used to make the disguise as a dice pool bonus to your Disguise Test, to a maximum bonus of 4.