Character Name:

Player Name: Chris

Notes: Physical Adept


Nuyen: ¥109,050

Karma: 11

Total Karma: 31

Personal Data Edit

Alias: Metatype: Ethnicity:

Age: Sex: Height: Weight: Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Priority Edit

A: Attributes (24 attribute points)

B: Skills (36 skill points / 5 skill group points)

C: Magic [Adept] (Magic 4, 1x rating 2 active skill)

D: Metatype [Elf] (0 special attributes)

E: Resources 6,000

Attributes Edit

Body: 5

Agility: 6

Reaction: 4

Strength: 6(8)

Willpower: 5

Logic: 2

Intuition: 4

Charisma: 3

Physical: 7 Mental: 5 Social: 6

Edge: 1

Initiative: 8+1d6

Composure: 8 Judge Intentions: 7 Memory: 7

Lift/Carry: 11 Movement: 12/24/+2

Initiate Grade: 1

Condition Monitor Edit

Physical: 0 of 11

Stun: 0 of 11

Qualities Edit

Positive - Mentor Spirit: Doom [Street Grimoire (p. 86)] Cost: 5

All: +2 to a single combat Skill of choice (applied to Archery)*
Adept: Free Killing Hands
Disadvantages: Followers of Doom must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) Test to avoid a fight once it has begun, or to not enact a plan to do violence. If they fall, they must engage in combat until all opponents are defeated or flee.

Positive - Catlike [SR5] Cost: 5

+2 to Sneaking*

Negative - Distinctive Style: Burns on Arms & Legs [SR5] Cost: -5

Active Skills Edit

Archery: 6+2* (14d)

Unarmed Combat: 6 (12d)

Automatics: 1 (7d)

Escape Artist: 2 (8d)

Free Fall: 3 (8d)

Gymnastics: 3 (9d)

Locksmith: 2 (8d)

Perception: 6 (10d)

Running: 6 (12d)

Animal H.: 5 (8d)

Skill Group - Stealth

Palming: 5 (11d)

Sneaking: 5+2* (11d)

Disguise: 5 (9d)

Knowledge Skills Edit

Conspiracy Theories: 3 (7d)

Immortal Elves: 2 (4d)

Smuggling Rings: 3 (7d)

English [N]

Sperethiel: 4 (8d)

Adept Powers Edit

Improved Physical Attribute [Strength] - Rating 2, Cost 2(1)pp, Source [SR5] Edit

Strength +2

Wall Running - Rating 1, Cost .5pp, Source [SR5] Edit

Can run up sheer walls or vertical surfaces. Make Running + Strength [Magic] Test with hits indicating meters. Across surfaces via Spring action. At end of all Wall Running, fall off wall.

Hangtime - Rating 2, Cost .5(.25)pp, Source [Street Grimoire] Edit

Attach self to surface for 5 minutes per rating. Must remain motionless.
+1 dice per rating to climbing tests.

Killing Hands - Rating 1, Cost Free (Mentor Spirit), Source [SR5] Edit

Physical or Stun damage. Bypasses magical defenses like immunity to normal weapons. Can be used in Astral Combat.

Nerve Strike - Rating 1, Cost 1, Source [Street Grimoire] Edit

Normal melee attack. If successful, choose to reduce opponent's Agi or Rea by 1 per net hit instead of P/S damage. If target reaches 0, rendered paralyzed. Target regails lost attribute points at rate of 1/hour of rest.

Elemental Strike [Radiation] - Rating 1, Cost .5pp, Source [Street Grimoire] Edit

Enhances damage caused by an unarmed Killing Hands strike by channeling an elemental effect into the attack. Activating requires Simple Action. Remains active for (Magic) combat turns or until deactivated (free action). Engulfs hand, foot, or other body part. Only one element at a time. Can't combine with any other adept skill except Killing Hands. Each elemental effect must be purchased as a separate power.
Damage resistance test (if present) & Toxin resistance test
DV (Magic x2), AP -(Magic x.5)[SR5]
Additional Information:
The elemental damage ignores armor with exception to resistant materials like hazmat/radiation gear.
Causes Nausea - If power of the attack (after the toxin resistance test) exceed the target's willpower, then the target is incapacitated with vomit and dizziness for 3 turns. Whether or not the target is incapacitated, nausea doubles all wound modifiers for 10 minutes.

PP: 5

Advancements Edit

Initiation - Character Gen [Cost 13], +Grade Magic, +1PP (option)**

Carry over 5 Karma from character generation.

Armory Edit

Armor: 12(15)) [20d] Edit

Armored Jacket: 12 Fire Resistance: 6 Non-Conductivity: 6
Securetech PPP - Arms, Legs, Vitals Kit

Weapon Edit

Bow (r8): 14d, 10P, -2 AP, Single Shot, Smartgun (Internal)
Unarmed Strike: 12d, 8P/S, 0 AP

Ammunition Edit

120 Titanium Alloy Shafts (R8) (r*¥10)
24 Static Shafts (r8) (r*¥25) DMG: +4S(e)
24 Stick & Shock Heads DMG: 8S(e) AP: -5 ACC: -1
8 Incendiary Heads DMG: *R&G AP: 0 ACC: -1 *Any hit, arrow errupts in fire with DV of 8P and -6 AP. Continues to burn for 3 Combat Turns causing 6P (-4AP) fire damage per turn and possibly igniting/damaging items on the character each turn. **Wireless: Head can be detonated before impact and split between two targets within 1 meter or each other. Both targets roll to avoid attack separately. Neither takes the initial 8P damage, instead suffering 6P -4AP for 4 Combat Turns including the current one.
12 Explosive Heads DMG: +2 AP: -1 ACC: -1
60 Barbed Heads DMG: +1 AP: --- ACC: --- *Removing barbed arrow without doing further damage requires First Aid + Logic [Mental] (3) Test. Failure results in a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to 3 - hits, unresisted.

Gear Edit

Renraku Sensei Commlink (R3)

Stim Patch (6) Count: 3

Tool Kit, Disquise Count: 1

Tool Kit, Locksmithing Count: 1

Trauma Patch

Gas Mask

*Pending* Mechanical Quiver - 12 arrows/heads, w/ control device *homebrew crap to be reviewed* Cost: 10,000

Contacts (R3)

Image Link
Thermographic Vision

Social Edit

Lifestyle - High (10,000/mo.)

Contacts Edit

Talismonger (Name Later) Edit

Connection 3, Loyalty 2

Street Doc (Name Later) Edit

Connection 2, Loyalty 2

Resistances Edit

Acid: 12 (17d)

Cold: 12 (17d)

Electricity: 18 (23d)

Fire: 18 (23d)

Falling: 12 (17d)