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Matrix attributesEdit

There are four Matrix attributes: Attack, Sleaze, Data Processing, and Firewall (abbreviated ASDF). Most devices (including commlinks) have only two Matrix attributes: Data Processing and Firewall. Decks and hosts have all four, including Attack and Sleaze.

Matrix Condition MonitorEdit

The Matrix Condition Monitor is similar to other Con- dition Monitors. Each device’s Matrix Condition Moni- tor has 8 + (Device Rating / 2) boxes. Matrix damage is always resisted with Device Rating + Firewall. When a persona is hit for damage, the device it is running on takes that damage (except technomancers, who take it as Stun damage).


If you have a device with Matrix damage, you can re- pair it with a toolkit, an hour of work, and a Hardware + Logic [Mental] test. Every hit you get can be used to either remove one box of Matrix damage or cut the time required in half; the first die spent toward time re- duces the time to half an hour, the second to 15 min- utes, and so on, to a minimum of one Combat Turn (3 seconds). Bricked or not, the device is off-line and un- usable during the repair process.

If you critically glitch on the roll to repair your device, that’s it. The device is permanently bricked. You can use it as a paperweight, an object lesson, or (if you need one) a brick. If you glitch, the device can be restored to functionality, but it becomes a bit glitchy (the gamemas- ter will tell you how at an appropriate moment).