The run Edit

The team prepares for the second week as mailroom employees at Shiawase, and try to figure out how to get the rest of their team in to the secure building without drawing too much attention. Suddenly the building is rocked by an explosion. Apparently, Wesley was worried enough about the mundane-inducing drug to hire a second runner team to get the job done, since the first team had disappeared on him.

The team made their escape (well, they walked out of the building). Turner's fixer Frank called to express his disappointment in the team, but that he had a new job that sounded like a true milk run. Even a team as "special" as this one should be able to do it.

The team was to meet at an upscale nightclub to meet Mr. Johnson at 5PM that evening. The team needed to dress nicely for the meeting, so several team members had to go buy nicer clothes. Turner met with Brian Flanagan for drinks.

Finally, 5PM rolls around and the team heads to meet Mr. Johnson. After some discussion with the bouncer about what's appropriate for such a club, the bouncer allows the team in. They ask for who they're supposed to ask, and are shown into the back room where they meet Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson wants the team to break into a very lightly secured power substation and upload a file from a datachip into the computer in the substation, then get out without leaving a trace. Despite their best efforts and the efforts of some pet rats, the team succeeds. And somehow, they do it without kidnapping any eleven year old kids or starting any riots. As far as they can tell, they got away with no evidence that anything happened.

Johnson was happy enough with their performance that he offered them another similar run, this time on Council Island. A team he had previously hired had opted to go in noisily and failed. After approaching from the water, the team located the correct building, then very noisily finished their objective after a run in with a surviving member of the original, ill-fated team.

Awards Edit

Karma: 3 per character (Turner Scott, Nastya Boystov, Agent Smith, Hulk, Moesph, Heike Floor)

Nuyen: 6,000 for first run, with 7,000 bonus. 4,000 for second half, no bonus.