Date: 2070-02-19

Working with your team is tough. Living on your own is suicide. Despite your distrust of others, you've managed to join a the Lake Acids gang for safety in numbers. Thought to have disappeared in the 60s, they've recently made a resurgence as their benefactor decided that they needed more force in Seattle.

Some of you may have been former military, dishonorably discharged. Some were former Russian faction operatives. Something happened and you had to flee to Seattle. Some of you have lived your entire life in the gang. The only thing you know is that you need to stick together to survive.

The team is part of a gang, and depends on the gang for protection from the unsavory elements in Seattle. You have very little influence within your organization, and none outside. Your gang leader calls the shots, and you'd better listen if you know what's good for you. The Lake Acids consider northern Bellevue their turf, including most of I-405 through Bellevue and Intercity 520 to the north. The 405 Hellhounds also claim I-405 through Bellevue. Strangely enough, the two gangs have had some trouble coming to a peaceful arrangement to coexist on the disputed highway. The Leather Devils also operate in some of the same areas.

The Lake Acids have been very useful for the Yakuza as a proxy in their war for control over Bellevue, acting as a proxy against the Seoulpa Rings that also operate in Bellevue primarily pushing BTLs and prostitution. The Phantom Lakers are the largest of the rings operating in the area, led by David Ockrassa. Divine Revenge is a slight bit smaller led by Karen Pok Moon. There are three additional rings operating in the area, but they are bit players and mostly ignored by the other gangs in the area.

everyone 3 karma

chris, jeff, jason +1 (stayed in character) 

alex +1 (clever)

jeff +1 (clever)

jason +1 (good role play)