Hulk (Steven)
B 5, A 4, R 6/9, S 5, W 2, L 3, I 5, C 3, ESS 6, EDG 3, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 11 / 9
Armor: 13
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 5
Physical Initiative: 11/14+3D6
Active Skills: Athletics Group 2, First Aid 2, Forgery 4, Intimidation (Physical +2) 4, Navigation 2, Perception 6, Throwing Weapons 6, Unarmed Combat (Subduing +2) 6
Knowledge Skills: Bodyguards 2, Bouncers 3, Law enforcement tactics 3, Musical instruments 1, Seattle dive bars 2, Seattle music scene 2, Street clinics 2
Languages: English N, Spanish 1
Qualities: Adept, Blandness, Poor Self Control - Thrill-Seeker, Reduced (hearing)
Adept Powers: Combat Sense (1), Critical Strike: Unarmed Combat, Danger Sense (2), Enhanced Perception (1), Improved Physical Attribute (1): Reaction, Improved Reflexes (2), Mystic Armor (1)

Yamaha Growler [Handling 4/5, Speed 3/4, Accel 1, Body 5, Armor 5, Pilot 1, Sensor 1, Seats 1]


AR Gloves
Armor Jacket w/ Biomonitor, Nonconductivity (3), Shock Frills
Bug Scanner (3)
Certified Credstick, Gold
Contacts (3) w/ Image Link, Low Light Vision
Diego Smith w/ Fake SIN (1), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
Flashlight, Low-Light
Jammer, Area (2)
Medkit (2)
Metal Restraints
Pepper Punch x5
Renraku Sensei Commlink
Tool Kit, Forgery
Tranq Patch (1)


Knucks [Unarmed, Acc 8, DV 7P, AP –]
Shock Glove [Unarmed, Acc 8, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery
Flash-Bang Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV 10S, 10m R, AP -4]

Sam Malone (Bartender, Connection 1, Loyalty 1)
Kirk Sommer (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Leo Getz (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Starting ¥: 40 + (3D6 × 60)¥
Ammunition & Resources:

Flash-Bang Grenade - x2
Shock Glove - Internal Battery x10
Edge Pool - 0/3

Like most guys that are part of the music scene, Hulk wanted to be a rock star, but had no natural musical talent and didn't want to practice a musical instrument long enough to get good. So he became a bouncer, using the natural gifts he did have to keep unruly bar patrons in line. Hanging out with actual rock stars (and their groupies) was a nice perk. Hulk was working security at a bar when the up and coming band Concrete Dreams was playing. The power went out, stopping the show, which sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Hulk managed to get the band out the side door to safety. They then hired him as their bodyguard.

Hulk became good friends with Concrete Dreams bass player Steve Harwell. When Steve goblinized and was replaced, Hulk soon parted ways with the band slipping into the shadows with Steve to try their hand at a different kind of stardom.

Hulk's time as a bouncer has made him a specialist in non-lethal ways of taking down opponents (subduing specialization of unarmed combat). After all, killing bar patrons makes it hard for them to buy drinks in the future. His senses are finely tuned to incoming danger (combat sense and danger sense), and despite his relatively normal physique, he packs a surprisingly powerful punch (critical strike).